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JackFruit Treasure Trap is a historical adventure fiction book set in the 17th century. Suitable for ages 15+

A treacherous journey to uncover a precious family secret.

Rayleigh Edwards accompanies his cousin, Wethersby Thacker Jnr, across South and East Asia. They are tracking their grandfather's clues to find a mysterious jade casket full of gems, the JackFruit Treasure.

But Wethersby's brothers are in hot pursuit, impatient to trap the hoard for themselves.

With his last breath, their grandfather had whispered a warning, "It is a handsome treasure but cursed. Never be it grasped by any one man or one woman, for a long haunting death will surely follow…."

This is the first in the JackFruit Treasure series and Matthew Bird's first published book.

Watch the launch video.

Order the PAPERBACK here, or via Amazon (Kindle eBook, new format Paperback & Hardcover).

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